This is a bit of an update. Not that I have much to update on, but hey why not. I’ve not written much, and I’m not completely sure what to write about. Technologically I feel I’ve been all over the place with trying to learn a bunch of things like Ansible, Linux Managmenet, Kubernetes, Docker, Syslogging, and such. I’ve also upgraded my old Mac to a Framework laptop running Fedora and its been pretty amazing so far. I’m still seeting it up.

I’ve been also looking at various crypto coins, particularly bitcoin, and have decided that I think I won’t venture into much altcoin stuff for the time being as I think there is just to much to consider regarding what you need to learn and weed out what is good any what is not. Bitcoin seems to be the way to go and not sure what the future holds for it, but it seems to be the most honest and transparent store of value.

So yeah, I don’t have much of an update other than that.