How to contact me

Hi all,
Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the various methods of communication that I’ve been using and realizing that as much as I appreciate and communicate the need for security, I sometimes don’t “follow what I preach” so to speak. With that said, I’m making some changes in how I communicate and just wanted to let you know the best ways to reach me. I know that it’s always possible for you to use these services, but I’m trying to make a best attempt to support a wide base.

• Email:

I’ve moved my main email address to a service called My email address is cb3 and will no longer be using chrisbak3r An additional secure email you can use is cb3

• Texting:

I am using two apps called Threema and Signal. Threema cost about $3 USD and Signal is free. My Threema ID is D43NR2KN and my Signal account is based off the phone number +1 610.401.5960.

• Encrypted emails:

I am using PGP to encrypt emails that might contain sensitive information. My PGP ID is A2BC852F.

• Phone Calls:

By using Signal, calls can be encrypted and accomplished through this free app.

Insecure forms of communication to reach me: Google Voice for text and calling (+1 610.401.5960), WhatsApp (+856 2059078624), iMessage/FaceTime (chrisbak3r, texting (+856 2059078624) , Skype (chrisbak3r)