Protonmail and 1Password

I was an earlier adopter of Protonmail and have had my account maybe for a year or so now.  Protonmail is a swiss based email provider that offers true secure email through your web browser (and mobile app). This email service lets you send encrypted emails and attachments to others on other email systems like Gmail, yahoo, etc. They are a little slow in releasing new features but are methodical in their development and provide a solid product. They have started offering some great tools like custom domain names and iOS and Android Apps, and providing additional storage and a great user interface.

A good friend of mine always says security and convenience are always in tension – it is very difficult to have both. We must evaluate the level of security needed in relation to the ease of use which is often diminished.  Protonmail would likely be troublesome for some as they requires two (2) passwords. One for account login and one to decrypt your mailbox. This means you should use two unique passwords that you don’t use for any other website logins…right?

I use 1Password to manage all my passwords, and for Protonmail this is no exception. In fact, my passwords for my account and mailbox are randomly generated at 40 characters each. I allowed 1Password to generate these passwords for me at the time of setup.  However password managers can be tricky to use in services like this. If you are looking for a way to secure accounts like Protonmail with 1Password (or other password managers – I personally love 1Password and think it’s the best out there!) here is how I did it.

1Password Login ProtonMail

As you can see here, in my 1Password I have two login items, one called account login and mailbox login.

When I login to Protonmail’s website, I first use my account login password.



Create a new login item with your username and password, and then enter in the website section.  This will allow the auto-fill of the username and password for the account.

Next create a login item with your mailbox password and enter the URLs can name these two login items whatever you like, I just named them account login and mailbox login for easy remembering.


This solution is ‘flawless’ (until they change the login URLs :)) but it lets me use strong passwords (each password is unique) making this solution extremely secure.

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